Wednesday, June 29, 2016

[unavailable] Imagine a Story: Jungle Fun

I consolidated this bag from a bunch of other bags that had single puppets and books. It includes four jungle-themed books (one with a cd) and 5 jungle hand puppets. The puppets are inexpensive (about $4 apiece) but they don't last very long. At some point I'll add/replace them in this bag.

Sources for materials:
  • The Parrot Tico Tango (includes cd): 9781846866692
  • How the zebra got its stripes: 9780307988706 
  • Rumble in the Jungle by Giles Andreas: 9781589253674
  • Here comes Doctor Hippo by Jonathan London: 9781620915950
  • Puppets from a set of 12, Excelleration Animal Hand Puppets, purchased from Discount School Supply

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Imagine a Story: Savannah Counting

This bag includes a hardcover book; the story of a giraffe who wants to count everything and her friend the zebra. It also includes two rubber animals. I've found that, while kids love them, they're rather unwieldy to include in the bags.

Sources for materials
  • Abigail by Catherine Rayner (hardcover): 9781589251472 
  • Zebra and giraffe from set of 5 jumbo soft jungle animals, purchased from Discount School Supply

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Imagine a Story: Down on the Farm

This bag contains two classic farm books and three soft rubber animals. There is also a sheet with tips for early literacy play.

Sources for materials
  • Animals from a farm set purchased from Discount School Supply
  • First Snow by Kim Lewis - out of print
  • Cow that went Oink by Bernard Most - 978-0152047634

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Imagine a Story: An Introduction

There were circulating toys at my library when I came, many years ago (I am getting ooooold). However, they were rather...dingy. I've built up the collection over the years to more than 60 toys, almost all narrative/imaginative play. Puppets and books, costumes, etc. After taking the collection in a slightly more focused direction with the Read 'n' Play toys, I decided to revamp the older toys as well.

I have been gradually updating, adding to, and generally weeding the toy collection. The narrative/imaginative play toys are getting early literacy and play tip sheets and being renamed Imagine a Story. I try to make sure the items do not cost more than $20, as I feel that defeats the purpose of offering toys to families who can't afford their own. I also try to get things that can be easily cleaned and lend themselves to imaginative play.

The toys can be played with in the library or checked out. They are also available to other libraries to request and schools can request them as well. My staff disinfect them each time they are returned (er, theoretically, I should really check up that they're doing that...) and we regularly check the bags to make sure all the pieces are in the correct place. I did remove the costumes and make them into a dress-up corner - they were getting very gross.

This collection dates before I arrived at the library in 2008 and I have been steadily adding to it over the past several years. The final (hopefully) updates are happening now in 2016.