Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Maker Kit: Sew Fun

I revamped both of my sewing kits. This first one now includes a new copy of Sewing School, needles (in a magnetic box) and scissors

The sewing kits are the most popular and users specifically asked for patterns. I've also invested in more big pieces of fabric.

I supply most of the consumables from leftovers from my own sewing stash, but I also have stuff donated or left over from work programs. I promote the sewing kits after I do sewing workshops and they generally circulate briskly.

Kit includes:
  • Sewing School: 9781603425780
    • This is a spiral-bound book which includes patterns. I removed all the patterns, made copies of the smaller ones, and ordered a big roll of tracing paper online to make copies of the bigger ones. I plan to make this a volunteer project.
  • Good scissors, needles, needle-holder
Consumables may include some or all of the following
  • thread, ribbon, lace, buttons
  • scrap fabric, large pieces of fabric
  • felt

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