Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Maker Kit: Beading

After I attended a session at ALA about letting more stuff out for kids to play with I've been working harder at getting various bits and pieces left in my office out in their maker kits. I'll still use these for programs, but I don't want them to just sit around the rest of the time!

Kit includes:

  • Complete photo guide to bead crafts: 9781589238220
  • 5 beading pliers (various types)
  • Beads in sand jars
  • earring pieces
  • Beading wire and string
  • Piece of felt for a workspace

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Listen 'n' Read: Best Friends

A collection of some classic, oddball friends titles. I purchased the books from Baker and Taylor and the audio cds from Recorded Books.


  • Mr. Putter and Tabby turn the page
  • Mr. Putter and Tabby bake the cake
  • Mouse and Mole: winter wonderland
  • A brand-new day with Mouse and Mole

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Maker Kit: Candy Making

The idea for this started with a book I picked up at Half-Price Books. Cooking kits are hard, because there aren't many consumables I am willing to put in, but a quick search on Amazon found some good options for this one (yes, I have had the book for ever a year before getting around to putting the kit together!). The book doesn't actually need stuff like a thermometer or molds, but I thought it would cover a nice spectrum of skills.

Kit includes:

  • Candy Making for kids: 9781423630227
  • Candy thermometer (purchased on Amazon)
  • Candy melt dipping tools (purchased on Amazon)

Monday, July 17, 2017

Imagine a Story: Tea Party

[Updated July 2017]

We kept losing bits of the dish set and it was driving my aides crazy so I replaced it with a plastic tea set and a plastic play cake from Amazon. The label just says "tea set" and "cake" so we don't have to count all the little pieces.

This bag includes a hardcover book (it's a lot harder than you might think it is to find a picture book that features a tea party) and most of a set of dishes. I say "most" because we're always losing pieces and not all of them fit anyways. So I just say "cooking set" and let it go at that.

Source of materials:

  • Florentine and Pig by Eva Katzler (hardcover): 9781599909493
  • Dishes and cake from Little Treasures via Amazon

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Storytime Kit: Dinosaurs

This kit was frustrating because the Explore a T.Rex title was about 1 inch too big for my regular tubs! I had to buy a special, extra-large tub to fit it and then I couldn't decide what else to put in! I had a bunch of random plastic and rubber dinosaurs I added, which I didn't picture because I didn't want to have to count them. I don't usually put consumables in the storytime kits, but I had a bunch of foam dinosaur stickers (mainly white, which the kids don't like) and I threw those in as well.

Materials included:
  • Large plastic bin (Walmart)
  • Dinosaur skeletons (Amazon)
  • Dinosaur stencils (Amazon)
  • Dino car toy (Amazon)
  • Real-as-life dinosaurs (4 donated, but the full 12 pack is available on Amazon)
  • Flannel and laminated dinosaurs in a plastic envelope
  • Books
    • Triceratops (board book): 9782745981769
    • T. Rex (Board Book): 9782745981752
    • Dino records: 9781426327940
    • Scanorama dinosaurs: 9781626866300
    • Explore a T. Rex: 9781626863958

Friday, July 14, 2017

We Listen: Stories with Bear

The Bear books aren't available in paperback in the US - I purchased them from Gardners in the UK. Hence the "colours" spelling! I hope there aren't any changes in the books, but it shouldn't be a big deal if there are a few different words.

All titles by Karma Wilson. I purchased the paperback books through Baker & Taylor and the audio cds from Recorded Books during their sale.

  • Bear sees colors
  • Bear says thanks
  • Bear's loose tooth
  • Bear feels scared

Link to insert

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Listen 'n' Read: Real Stuff

I had one title and cd and I scrounged a bit to find enough to make up the four. These are available in kits from Baker & Taylor. I know "real stuff" is not particularly inspired, but it was what I could think of at the time!


  • Storms by Goin: 9781430121244
  • Race day by Tuchman: 9781430120001
  • Volcanoes by Schreiber: 9781430126683
  • Trains by Shields: 9781430121190