Monday, July 17, 2017

Imagine a Story: Tea Party

[Updated July 2017]

We kept losing bits of the dish set and it was driving my aides crazy so I replaced it with a plastic tea set and a plastic play cake from Amazon. The label just says "tea set" and "cake" so we don't have to count all the little pieces.

This bag includes a hardcover book (it's a lot harder than you might think it is to find a picture book that features a tea party) and most of a set of dishes. I say "most" because we're always losing pieces and not all of them fit anyways. So I just say "cooking set" and let it go at that.

Source of materials:

  • Florentine and Pig by Eva Katzler (hardcover): 9781599909493
  • Dishes and cake from Little Treasures via Amazon

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