Saturday, February 3, 2018

Maker Kit: Beading

After I attended a session at ALA in the summer of 2017 about letting more stuff out for kids to play with I've been working harder at getting various bits and pieces left in my office out in their maker kits. I'll still use these for programs, but I don't want them to just sit around the rest of the time!

Update: Sadly, this kit only circulated twice before it was borrowed and not returned. I had to buy a new book, new set of beading tools, and refill all the beads (I purchased new holders for them as well) and beading wire.

I probably spent around $50-80 to replace this, although a large portion of that was the book and new containers.

Kit includes:
  • Complete photo guide to bead crafts: 9781589238220
  • 3 beading pliers (various types)
  • Beads in cases (purchased at Walmart and Amazon
  • Findings (purchased on Amazon)
  • Beading wire and string
  • Piece of felt for workspace

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