Saturday, July 15, 2017

Storytime Kit: Dinosaurs

This kit was frustrating because the Explore a T.Rex title was about 1 inch too big for my regular tubs! I had to buy a special, extra-large tub to fit it and then I couldn't decide what else to put in! I had a bunch of random plastic and rubber dinosaurs I added, which I didn't picture because I didn't want to have to count them. I don't usually put consumables in the storytime kits, but I had a bunch of foam dinosaur stickers (mainly white, which the kids don't like) and I threw those in as well.

Materials included:
  • Large plastic bin (Walmart)
  • Dinosaur skeletons (Amazon)
  • Dinosaur stencils (Amazon)
  • Dino car toy (Amazon)
  • Real-as-life dinosaurs (4 donated, but the full 12 pack is available on Amazon)
  • Flannel and laminated dinosaurs in a plastic envelope
  • Books
    • Triceratops (board book): 9782745981769
    • T. Rex (Board Book): 9782745981752
    • Dino records: 9781426327940
    • Scanorama dinosaurs: 9781626866300
    • Explore a T. Rex: 9781626863958

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